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Terms of use

This agreement sets forth the terms and conditions under which EASILY HOSTING will provide you with short-term rental management services in respect of the property you wish to rent through Airbnb or similar accommodation booking websites.


These conditions will be applicable between the owner or authorized representative (the "Owner") of a vacation property (the "accommodation") and Easily Hosting with the common goal of achieving (1) the promotion and management of your accommodation through the website of Easily Hosting and other platforms such as Airbnb and Vrbo and (2) guest satisfaction. That is, to advertise, manage and make the accommodation better known, what the accommodation has to offer, and provides the best level of service to Guests. With attention to the Guest, the owner, and Easily Hosting, we agree on building the best channel for the accommodation´s promotion and management.


 The Contract between the Owner and Easily Hosting contains the following documents, which are considered "the contract":


2.1. These Terms of Service


2.2 The specific Service Plan for Reservations that the Owner contracts for the Accommodation


23. The Legal Notice


2.4. Other conditions contained in the forms are required to contract this service


2.5. These Service Contract Conditions will not apply to other services offered free of charge by Easily Hosting to the owner or the Guest on the Website, such as tourist or beach information, blogs to which the Legal Notice will be applicable in any case.


3.1. By accepting these Conditions of Contracting the Service, the Owner will access the service plans offered by Easily Hosting of handling or managing the accommodation. And will be expressly accepting the conditions outlined in the Legal Notice that you must read carefully before proceeding and complete any of the forms required to contract this service ("the Contract").

3.2. Once the contracting process is finished, the Owner will receive a contract confirmation communication to the email address indicated in the form. The Owner will be also have acces to a link where you can see the details of the accommodation publication that will be published on our page and other reservation platforms, such as Airbnb.


4.1. Easily Hosting service plans are detailed at

4.2. The service plans are aimed exclusively at "vacation" Accommodations that the Owners or legitimate representatives of the accommodation decide to make available to third parties through the website, App, or any platform that in the future will be owned by Easily Hosting or managed by it.

4.3. The prices of the plans will be those indicated in the URL.

4.4. The Owner must make the payment through the methods made available by Easily Hosting.

4.5. Easily Hosting will not have access to the bank data of the Owner and does not know or record these data during the operation.

4.6. The service contracted here has the nature of digital content, and the publication, that is, has begun to be carried out with the prior consent of the Owner.

4.7. Commission. In the Payment Plan for Reservation, the publication of the Accommodation will be available in any case, and the Owner will only pay a commission to Easily Hosting according to the plan chosen if a reservation for the Accommodation is confirmed. The established commission is linked at

4.8. In addition to the commission indicated in section 4.7. The aforementioned Payment Plan per Reservation will have the following costs:

4.9 .1. 1% (VAT not included) fixed administration fee for each confirmed reservation

4.10. A commission of 2% (of the advance or any other amount charged through its gateway) paid online by the Guest at the time of making the reservation, as bank charges (additional 2% for non-SEPA, AMEX, and B2B international cards ), VAT not included.

4.11. Cancellation policy. The Owner is responsible for setting the cancellation policy that he wishes for each Accommodation, making them known to Easily Hosting, and complying with it for each of the reservations received through Easily Hosting.

In case of Cancellation, the casuistry that we indicate are given:
4.11.1. Cancellation by the Guest within the period allowed according to the cancellation conditions established by the Owner. Easily Hosting is responsible for returning the  Advacen Payment made by the Guest subtracting the administration and banking expenses (1% of the total amount of the reservation + 2% of the Advance Payment or any other amount charged through its gateway, an additional 2% for non-SEPA, AMEX and B2B international cards, VAT not included) and subtracting the commission applied by Easily Hosting,
4.11.2. Cancellation by the Guest outside the period allowed according to the cancellation conditions established by the Owner. The Guest assumes the entire amount paid at the time of the reservation, which will be paid to the Owner (subtracting the administration and banking and the commission applied by Easily Hosting) according to the conditions established.
4.11.3. Cancellation by the Owner once the reservation is confirmed. The Owner assumes the expenses of administration and banking applied by Easily Hosting (1% on the total amount of the reservation + 2% on the Advance or any other amount charged through its gateway, an additional 2% for cards international non-SEPA, AMEX, and B2B, VAT not included) and the commission applied by Easily Hosting,

5.1. Anti-fraud guarantee. The Accommodations will be activated with an Anti-Fraud Guarantee. It's a security and reliability mechanism for the Guest against possible fraudulent Accommodations.
The amount charged as an Advance Payment for an Online Reservation managed by Easily Hosting, will be retained in the Owner's account at Easily Hosting for a period of 48 hours after the start of the Guest's stay. With the Active Anti-Fraud Guarantee,  Easily Hosting would refund the amount paid as Advance Payment to the Guest (less the commissions of the booking engine) if the Guest were to start their stay and the Accommodation did not exist or was fraudulent and notify it within a period of less than 48 hours from the start of the stay.

Disagreements between the Guest and the Owner due to deficiencies in the service or any reason other than the non-existence or the reliable existence of a fraudulent accommodation, will not be understood to be included in this concept. The Owner may decide, whether or not to maintain this Guarantee as long as the Accommodation is validated and accepts as operation of the service, that this Guarantee is active as long as the Accommodation is not validated.
5.2. No Owner may request Advance Payments to the Guests by any means other than through Easily Hosting and its booking engine, otherwise Easily Hosting may adopt as many measures as it deems necessary, including the cancellation of the service.


6.1. Easily Hosting undertakes to give the Owner access to the Contents of the Accommodation introduced by the latter and make the changes he requests.

6.2. Easily Hosting will contact the Owner for the modification of the Accommodation Contents.

6.3. Easily Hosting has adopted all technical and security measures under the state of technology to keep the service available almost 100 percent of the time. However, due to unavoidable technical limitations, Easily Hosting will not be responsible for any temporary interruption. In the unlikely event of an interruption of more than a week, Easily Hosting will compensate you with an additional week of the contracted promotion.

6.4. Easily Hosting will issue an invoice for the services provided to the Owner if he requests it.

6.5. Easily Hosting authorizes the Owner, who so communicates it at the beginning, to incorporate the HTML codes offered by Easily Hosting into his web page, without any modification to them, except those referring to its format in terms of color and font. Easily Hosting reserves the right to deny the use of said codes HTML to the Owner, especially those who make unauthorized modifications.

6.6. Easily Hosting has implemented a quality and control system for the Accommodations that appear on its Website.

6.7. Easily Hosting makes recommendations for satisfactory rental and precautionary notices addressed to the Guests, declaring the Owner that knows and accepts them.

6.8. Easily Hosting will be able to make new recommendations and implement new control measures, allowing a rental free of irregularities and fraud between Guests and Owners. Some of these present or future measures will require that the Owner provide documentation regarding the truthfullness of the information that it offers regarding the ownership, conditions, and location of the Accommodation to increase the reliability of Accommodation. The Owner is obliged to provide said documentation at the request of Easily Hosting.


7.1. The Owner must pay the price established by Easily Hosting for the provision of services.

7.2. The Owner declares to have a legitimate title to dispose of the property or, where appropriate authorization, and with all the licenses and administrative authorization required by the law.

7.3. The Owner must expose true, current and exact information about the characteristics of the Accommodation offered on the Portal. The Owner will be responsible for the information and Content provided to Easily Hosting and undertakes to keep this data updated at all times.

7.4. The Owner authorizes Easily Hosting to organize the information and Content provided by it, in order to expedite the use of the Portal and the information published on the Accommodation and manage the property effectively.

7.5. To provide the best service to the Guest, the Owner undertakes to keep the Accommodation information and to detail and expand, at its request, by phone, by mail or by any other means, the information published on the Portal.


8.1. Easily Hosting is the owner of the intellectual and industrial property rights, or has obtained the corresponding authorizations or licenses for its exploitation, on the domain name, the trademarks and distinctive signs, the information, the database and the rest of works and inventions related to the website, app, where appropriate and the technology associated with the itself, as well as its contents.

8.2. The contents of this website, including designs, applications, text, images and source code (collectively referred to as the "Content"), are protected by intellectual and industrial property rights.

8.3. In no way the Content may be used, reproduced, copied or transmitted in any way without the prior, written and explicit permission of Easily Hosting.

8.4. Easily Hosting is the owner of registered trademarks, whose exploitation rights belong exclusively to Easily Hosting.

8.5. The Owner declares to have all the permissions and licenses of the images, distinctive signs and contents that may be included in the contents to be published by Easily Hosting, exonerating Easily Hosting of any responsibility in this regard.

8.6. The Owner authorizes to reproduce, distribute, and publicly communicate photos provided by the same to Easily Hosting for dissemination of the content of the ads as well as to add Easily Hosting watermarks to prevent these photographs from being used and published by unauthorized third parties.

8.7. Likewise, the Owner grants Easily Hosting a license of use for the sole purpose of providing the contracted service on the contents included in the website or App, according to these contracting conditions of use.

8.8. The photos of accommodations made by Easily Hosting, the ownership of the same will be of Easily Hosting, and this will be indicated in them. Easily Hosting will assign a license of use to the advertiser indefinitely and without geographical limitation to be included and published in the announcements of the website.


9.1. Easily Hosting informs the Owner of the existence of a personal data file that may contain personal data relating to your person, obtained through the Portal for purpose is statistical, redefinition of services offered, security for the control of quality and maintenance and management of the business and legal relationship that links you with Easily Hosting, as well as, the sending of Newsletters (free subscriptions), and commercial or promotional communications.

9.2. The Owner expressly accepts the inclusion of the data collected during navigation through the Portal or provided by completing any form, as well as those derived from the commercial relationship with Easily Hosting, in the automated file of personal data referred to previously. During the data collection process and in each place of the Portal in which said data is requested, the Owner will be informed, either using a hyperlink or by including the appropriate mentions in the form itself, of the mandatory nature or not to collect such data for the provision of services by Easily Hosting.

9.3. Likewise, the Owner, by accepting this Contract, consents that his data will be used to send him commercial and informative communications (by any means, including email, SMS, etc.) related to the service provided by Easily Hosting.

9.4. Likewise, the Owner gives his express consent for Easily Hosting to send him commercial communications on the websites owned by Easily Hosting  related to the sector real estate and financial mortgage. If the Owner does not wish to receive them, must indicate it to the following email address: info@Easily

9.5. Easily Hosting may carry out additional promotion work for the Accommodation offered by the Owner in other means than the Portal (for example, other websites, digital or physical publications, Internet search engines, etc., directed at potential guests). The Owner authorizes Easily Hosting to use the delivered Contents to transmit them to third parties for the purpose of promoting the Accommodation. In these cases, if necessary, the interested party will be informed and obtaine their consent for a possible transfer of their personal data beforehand.

9.6. The Owner may exercise, with respect to the data collected in the manner provided in the previous section, the rights recognized in personal data protection regulations and particularly the rights of access, rectification or cancellation of data and opposition, provided that be relevant. Write us at

9.7. Easily Hosting informs the User that he may communicate personal data relating to his person obtained through the Portal to the Tax Administrations in compliance the tax regulations applicable.


10.1. Easily Hosting and the Owner have the common goal of promoting the Accommodation that the Owner offers.

10.2. The opinions and comments entered by the Guests are a key element for the success of the Portal and for the Owner to receive reservations through Easily Hosting.

10.3. At the time of evaluating the Contents or opinions of the Guests, Easily Hosting must respect their freedom of speech, and expression.

10.4. For this reason, the Owner and Easily Hosting agree to leave free course to the contributions of the Guests, whether negative or positive, in relation to the Accommodation. Easily Hosting does not intervene the Contents introduced by the Users that are discharged directly and under the exclusive responsibility of the latter, although it may withdraw those that do not comply in a manifest and express way with the conditions included in the provisions of the Legal Notice.

10.5. Easily Hosting is not responsible for the comments or opinions of the Guests or the possible damages or losses caused by them. Guests who make opinions or comments must identify themselves and are registered in the files of Easily Hosting. However, by virtue of the personal data protection regulations, Easily Hosting is not authorized to provide personal data of the Guests without their consent or request from a competent judicial or administrative authority.

10.6. The Owner may reply to any opinion of a Guest, provided that he/she identifies himself/herself with the name of the Owner and respects the same conditions that are required for Guest comments.


11.1. The Owner may contract the specific promotions in the section The payment promotions that the Owner can contract have the duration that appears in said section from their contracting and after the acceptance of their request by Easily Hosting, whose date will be indicated in the mail and the invoice that Easily Hosting will send to the Owner.

11.2. The promotions may be withdrawn or modified by Easily Hosting at any time and without prior notice. Likewise, the Owner may request their exclusion from such promotion at any time .

11.3. Regardless of the duration of the promotion contracted for the Accommodation, this contract will be understood to be extended indefinitely, unless previously waived by either party.

11.4. Easily Hosting reserves the right to revise the price or other conditions of any of the promotions without prior notice. In this case, the automatic extension will not operate, and Easily Hosting must request the acceptance of the new conditions by the Owner. The new conditions will only take effect from the end of the period contracted by the Owner.

11.5. The Owner may discontinue the promotion of his Easily Hosting Accommodation at any time. If the Accommodation had Online Reservation, Easily Hosting will continue to process the reservations made prior to withdrawing the Accommodation from Easily Hosting.


12.1. The contract will be terminated in advance, if any of the parties seriously fails to comply with any of the obligations set forth in the Contract, considering, among others, the following as serious breach:

12.1.1. That the Owner provides manifestly inaccurate information to Easily Hosting or that is untrue about the characteristics, location or ownership of the Accommodation;

12.1.2. In case that, Easily Hosting at any time during the duration of this Contract  the Owner does not provide the documentation regarding the truthfulness of the information offered regarding the ownership and conditions of the Accommodation;

12.1.3. That the Owner refuses to leave free course to the contributions, opinions or Contents of the Guests in connection with their Accommodation;

12.1.4. If the Owner does not pay or delays more than 5 days in the payment of the commission agreed with Easily Hosting.

12.2. If for reasons of Force Majeure the service object of this contract is interrupted, the obligation would be suspended for as long and to the extent justifiable. It is considered Force Majeure any event or circumstance not subject to the control of the parties or any other contingency that cannot be foreseen or, if foreseeable, is unavoidable.



13.1. The different procedures that must be followed to conclude the contract are clearly explained in the section: "Register an accommodation".

13.2. Easily Hosting electronically archives the data that configures the Contract. To identify and correct errors you can send an email to Easily Hosting. The contract may be formalized in Spanish and/or in English, German, or Italian, being, where appropriate, the only valid version the first.



14.1. In the provisions of this contract, the interpretation and resolution of conflicts that may arise between the parties, Dominican legislation will applied.

14.2. The parties, expressly waiving any jurisdiction, which, according to law, could correspond to them, and submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Santo Domingo.

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